Mala Chetty
The first MALA CHETTY collection consist of a range of fifteen exclusive silk garments and a selection of silk accessories. In the Josina collection, each garment has the unique ability to be worn day-to-night with a simple change of footwear or accessories. The silk dresses and kaftans are true essentials to women who enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.
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The Brand
MALA CHETTY is a luxury resort wear brand inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the founder herself, who founded the brand during her sabbatical after successfully selling her consultancy firm. As Mala is known as a successful businesswoman...
Mala Chetty
Mala Chetty
Behind the scenes
The entire MALA CHETTY collection is designed by the founder herself, produced in The Netherlands with hand-woven silk from Vietnam. We solely work fair trade and with independent artisans to support the local community.
Dress to impress
With the asymmetrical cut, the Midnight Blue has a flattering and airy silhouette. This kaftan gives you a chic and sexy look, due to the one shoulder design with a bare opposite leg.

The Midnight Blue makes sure you’ll always look the part during your entire day. Keep the look simple during the day by styling the kaftan with a shimmering skin. At night, you can accessorise your bare arm with a couple of glamorous bracelets and your feet with a pair of high heels.