She knows what women want. As a true cosmopolitan, traveling the world, being fortunate enough to enjoy the most precious, luxurious destinations of the world. She knows how to appreciate the dream culture. Hence she knows exactly how to strut and appear wonderful, glamorous yet relaxed. As a business woman always on the go, she understands the importance of feeling at ease in a garment nevertheless she is aware of the necessity feeling confident and illuminating.

This is how she knew she could add something special to nowadays resort wear. It should be more appealing yet relaxed to wear. Beautiful but not body conscious, per sé. She saw the opportunity to develop a luxurious and exclusive range of resort wear that answers all these needs and brings them beautifully together. Resort fashion you can wear from your early morning coffee till sunset cocktail with just a few adjustments.

The collection brings you bold bright colors, accentuates movement, vitality and freedom. Enjoy to the fullest, be careless, feel confident, vivacious and absolutely gorgeous.

Mala Chetty has been designed and sourced with the utmost care and love. The collection is made of 100% silk, produced in The Netherlands and consists largely of sustainable materials crafted by hand. She thrives to work with independent, exquisite suppliers who work in a sustainable way and deliver organic products which are produced in a ‘fair trade’ way. She works with a talented silk artisan, whose family have been weaving and dyeing silk organically for many generations. Cherishing equally the garment as the origin.